Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving and More Eats 12/8/2011

 Thanksgiving is a great holiday. No shit. I got to cook and relax and see my girl (pictured above) Kylie.
 For Thanksgiving I made a leek-cornbread stuffing with hot italian sausage and granny smith apples.
 Here's the finished product. Tasted incredible. Cornbread added a nice sweetness. I don't know why stuffing isn't a year round food.
 Here's my uncle's turkey, we go to his house every year for thanksgiving.
 Cousin's biscuits.
 Cousin's tofurkey. Looks scary. Tastes scary.
 Aunt brought a chocolate cake. Incredible.
 Pie on pie. Nothin like it.
 Next day brunch with my friend. We shared a burger with bacon and a fried oyster sandwich with a fried egg on english muffin.
 Here's my confited turkey legs getting brown in a pan. I confited the turkey in the sous vide supreme for 8 hours at 176  in butter after curing it in thyme and garlic and sage.
 Here's the sous vide breast. Cooked at 146 for two hours then broiled.

 Ma baked an apple pie.
 Grilled leftover turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese.
 Turkey-sweet potato hash. Grated then browned sweet potatoes with leftover leeks, garlic, onion and sage, added in turkey scraps, cooked till crispy.
 Then threw in some sunny side up eggs.

 Some sweet grilled beef with tumeric rice from a middle-eastern food truck. Great lunch.
 Raspberry pastry from au bon pain.
 3 AM sandwich from Wawa. Honey smoked turkey, spicy mustard, roasted red peppers, onions, whole wheat shorti.
 BBQ chicken from the pizza place allegro's. Wow, this is really not that good sober.
 Grilled chicken kabob from one of my favorite food trucks. It's got onion and pepper on it and I usually get it with a chipotle mayo.
 Makin creme anglaise for ice cream.
 Chipotle burrito bowl. So frikin good. I get double meat--barbacoa and steak--and then medium and mild salsa and pinto beans. So satisfying.
 Racks of lamb to be sous vide.
 Fridge stuffed with pizza dough.
 Sous vide machine crankin away those lamb chops mid rare.
 Dinner is served. Was able to prep at home over the past weekend then yesterday I cooked this dinner party for a friend of my mom. Sous vide lamb chops with romesco. Pulled chicken. Seared Scallops with asparagus, grilled veggies. I do the same din party every year. Nice that I live so close to school so that I can still do it.
And here's the raspberry crumble with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Melissa K said...

Oh my goodness, food looks great and all, but I have to comment on Kylie. Our boy looks EXACTLY like her! We got him from a rescue out of Yardley in 2006 and he was from a litter of 10. How old is your girl??? Could they be litter mates?

Earl L. said...

Sounds like you had a VERY productive Thanksgiving break. You should try sous-vide cooking short ribs next. They're amazing...

Tom Baker said...

Amazing! Everything looks delicious. It would have been so nice for me if I had your skillz at 18! Keep up the fantastic work.

Unknown said...

Must be 19 by now...

Anonymous said...

There is a brilliance in you that is a joy to observe. Your passion for good food is infectious, and I hope someday to be the happy recipient of your masterful culinary skills! I also greatly enjoy your blog. Best wishes.

Dee said...

All that looks so tasty!
*stomach grumbles*

Chris.N said...

Foodie at Fifteen (now23)
All these food looks amazing and i really would like to make them because one day i would love to be a chef. and own my own Restaurant business. With all type of food you can think of to make it my international. Especially with today's world Everyone is starting to like different things and different styles. And its time for a restaurant to consider doing that.But nice Blog I enjoy looking at the foods

Brett L said...

All that food looks delicious. How did you get into cooking? I think it could be very interesting thing to try. Rather than cooking the food I'm usually the one who sits at the table and waits for it to be handed to me. I'd rather eat a meal made by a chef then try to make that meal myself though. That's just me.

Hiba A said...

You have an incredible variation of foods on your blog! I personally love trying out different kinds of food from all over the world. I am indian, and so the majority of the food I eat at home is indian. It's absolutely flavourful and spicy so I respect you tried out the samosa and tandoori chicken! Food is my favourite topic in the world, because it's a universal love, such as music except you get to consume it! Keep up the excellent work, your passion for the culinary world intrigues me and I hope it only continues to grow.

shortstuff_ said...

Great pictures! Are you a photographer too ? Really catches the reader's attention as soon as you open the blog. I am interested in this blog because it has to do with food and it has a cool layout. Congratulations on your skills as a cook and a blogger. Hope to try some of your delicious looking food. Keep cooking and keep blogging. I look forward to coming back to your blog again.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! Love that you take a pic of everything that you eat! all your food looks so good. It would be awesome if I could cook like you can. Keep up the good work. You should start your own restaurant! So that way more and more people can try your food!