Monday, April 6, 2009

3rd Round (full)

Good god, where has the coverage been on this tournament lately? It seems the reporters have slacked, and I can tell you from first hand experience, indeed they have. But anyway, let's get on with the action.

1 Potato versus 11 sweet potato
Potatoes are more versatile, they're more universally loved, they're the classic. But the fact of the matter is, I just frikin like sweet potatoes more than potatoes. That's all there is to it. Sweet potatoes win and an 11 seed goes to the elite 8!

3 apple versus 10 mango
Every reason I just gave for potato being better than sweet potato can be applied to apple versus mango, except in this case, apple wins.

1 pizza versus 4 waffles
Pizza is simply put, better than waffles, unless I'm really in the mood for waffles, which is often, but not enough for waffles to win.

3 pancakes versus 2 mac and cheese
Some kids have imaginary friends made out of thin air. Mine is made of mac and cheese. Mac wins.

1 Bacon versus 13 short ribs
Short ribs just put on that tough, rib-stickin defense and won the game. Essentially, I'm just avoiding a regular explanation of why I like short ribs better because if I didn't, my words word be ridiculed by bacon fans everywhere. Not that they still won't, but it's better this way.

12 Duck Confit versus 7 Fried Chicken
Both are cooked submerged in fat, which makes them both tough competitors, but like a commenter said, too often is fried chicken reduced to KFC-quality. That rarely happens with duck confit. Plus, that pull-apart texture of duck confit is to die for.

9 Cinn Bun versus 6 apple pie
I've been making apple pies since I was like 5. I made my first cinnamon buns on Christmas. Perhaps it's unfair that apple pie just has this aura of superioty in my mind, but then again maybe not, since these pics are based on my preferences. Apple pie wins.

3 Choco chip cookies versus 10 fudge
Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, chunks of chocolate in the middle, yummy throughout. While fudge is uniform, ccc's are the total package. CCC wins!


mike3k said...

A neighborhood place I often go for lunch makes sweet potato fries. They're like home made French fries but much better. You can have the best of both worlds!

Chris said...

ANYTHING tastes better with bacon wrapped around it (well, almost anything). Bacon should have won it all!

cookingat11 said...

i agree, have you ever had sweet potato chips? they are really good, and have you heard of plain potato pie?

Aristotle said...

First off, short ribs NEED bacon to make them good. Unless you are being a tool, and sous "vide"ing the ribs. Than I guess you can get away with not using bacon, douche.

Do you have sex with your mac and cheese because you can not get a girl? Or is it because you are in love with your cooking? Douche.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see Mango get the butt-kicking that it deserves...especially from such a worthy adversary as apple. I am disappointed in how the press has treated bacon, also. I can't quite find another Greek philosopher's name to link with French hygiene terms, so I will hold off on name calling, tofu-lover!

Anonymous said...

B-b-but mangoes are like love! They're what I look forward to most in the summer~ Apples are always there but manoges...

michael, claudia and sierra said...

hey man

if you can break away for a meal in nyc, let me know. my offer still stands. said...

This pretty much sounds like culinary school for grown ups - what is better? what is yummier? what is richer and more delish?

This, anyway, is what I do all day at school (I'm a culinary school student). Then I get to eat the results!


cookingat11 said...

hey nick and other people in the blogosphere, check out Ruhlman's blog. he's giving away a signed copy of Ratio, and a top of the line cooking scale, if you donate to share our strength. check out the links: