Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Fast Food Restaurant


Kyle Albert said...

I agree with this post, but I'm not sure you spent enough time editing it.

At the bottom you wrote:

"It can find its market
Cheap labor"

I hope you're not advocating that fast food restaurants use cheaper labor in order to increase the quality of food? That would be incredibly counter intuitive, though maybe you meant something else?

Anonymous said...

check out Terra Burger in Austin, Tx. All organic, yet prides itself on being fast-food. They just opened this year so I don't know yet if their concept is successful enough to stay open.

Kathy said...

don't forget that McDonald's is not in the food business, they have always been in the Real Estate business. they don't really care about the food.

c3 said...

While fast food franchises offer a lot to complain about, "destroys small business" is definitely NOT one of them. The vast majority of fast food locations ARE small businesses. They pay for a franchise which (depending on the one they join) offers a business plan, name, and help in other ways, and in return the franchise owner agrees to specific business practices (often including which suppliers they source from), so the consumer can trust the name to deliver certain things. These franchise agreements are win-win for those involved, and very much help the small business owner to minimize risk and maximize success. When you read that most people in the U.S. are employed by small businesses, fast food franchise locations are part of that equation.