Saturday, June 6, 2009


Peanut butter almost always benefits from sweetness. Think about it, peanut butter banana, pb and j, and pb and fluff all have peanut butter matched with something sweet, and it's no coincidence. Sweetness perfectly cuts through rich, fatty peanut butter. I love peanut butter and honey, especially creamed, unprocessed honey with the pollen and all the good stuff in it. I like this not just because of the taste, but because the creamy texture is more compatible with peanut butter than a viscous liquid. Recently however, I've added an even more interesting condiment to my peanut butter sandwiches; honeycomb.

I thought the honeycomb would be crunchy, but it's really not. It's soft, and provides interesting texture, plus, I can sit and smile to myself as I see the other kids pull out sandwiches with skippy and smuckers.


Tags said...

Biscuits and bees? Oh, that's right, June 6 is B-Day.

Ryan said...

wow, sounds good
I used to get honey with the comb from trader joes
i thought about making homemade pb a long time ago, but never did it. I might try soon. also, where do you get RAW honey, because I have heard of it, but never found it. it is supposed to be tastier and healthier

- cookingat11

mike3k said...

We've had problems with bees in several buildings here. A few times a beekeeper has had to break a wall and take out a hive, filled with honeycombs and honey (which often dripped inside the walls). They just throw it away. I wonder if those wild bees produce good honey.

SouthernChickie said...
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imstillalittlekid said...

Peanut butter and fluff is brilliant stuff!
I'm having peanut butter and honey for lunch tomorrow.