Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nother Dinner Party

How you guys been? It seems like it has been a while. Last time you heard from me I was out dancing in the Arctic with some top chefs, but now I'm back home and back to school. What's really depressing is that I hardly had any time to cook over break. I had to read the majority of a biography on Andrew Jackson, work on some math, and write 3 essays. Whatever!

A few weeks ago I did cook for a 17 person dinner party. Photos are below.

Pesto/Margherita Pizzas
Bread salad with raspberries, goat cheese, arugula, and a sage-garlic aioli
Grilled veggies (not done by me).
Scallops with asparagus coulis
Rack of lamb sous vide with butter and rosemary served with romesco.
Sous vide, then shredded and seared Chicken confit

Yea I know I do chicken confit all the time, but it's just too easy to make in bulk and too delicious. When I was telling one of the chef's at Lacroix what I had made, before I said anything he told me he'd bunch me in the face if I made chicken confit. I definitely gotta try new things, but I'm overall very happy with the results I get from it every time.


Sean said...

It's always hard to go away from something so easy and pleasing for dinner parties. Still, cooking for a 17 persons is an impressive/daunting feat!

Great job man!

serge said...

looks great dude.

Mandoline said...

That looks amazing. Besides the confit, what would you serve again to such a large group?

Tom said...

Punch you in the face? What's his problem? And this from an adult.

Jumper said...

I recently learned to put a quarter cup of cornmeal for each cup of flour for pizza dough. The texture is sublime.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, good work!
Just wondering, don't you think you are oversearing the scallops a bit?

Looks wonderful however!


Anonymous said...

Wow everything looks so good. You were having some feast ;)