Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EatSmart Scale

For a while now I've been a fan of measuring ingredients by weight as opposed to volume. It's not only more accurate, but also easier and less messy and makes it easier to see the ratios of ingredients that combine to give your creation identity.

I recently tried out a scale from a company called EatSmart. At $25 on Amazon it's a definite bargain, yet it performs no worse than my $50 Williams-Sonoma scale. Anyone thinking about buying, check this out.


Anonymous said...

Spend a little more time doing a review and pretty soon vendors will start sending you free stuff to try out for them.


Amy said...

I am really going to need to invest in one of these. I recently started doing more and more baking & attempted macarons... it was a FAIL, but maybe cause I had to estimate the volume since all the recipes are by weight.

kpow said...

I have this same scale, I love it!

John Blanchet said...

Nick, love the blog. What are the low increments of this scale? That is a great price but can it do under 10 grams. I bought a Salter Aquatronic years ago and it's still truckin. It goes as small as 5 grams. And when it's time to buy a precision scale...don't be a sucker for high priced models targeting chefs, just get a Jewelers scale. They are cheap and are perfect for weighing tiny tiny amounts.