Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Personal Dinners

Do you want to experience my cooking, to see what I cook when I need to prepare a fancy dinner, to see what kind of ideas are running through my mind? Do you live in the Philadelphia area? Then maybe we can arrange a dinner.

I've done a bunch of private dinners recently and would like to test my abilities and do more. Moreover, I need a medium for my ideas. I will cook for parties of 2-8 people for a reasonable price. E-mail me at and we can arrange something.


James said...

About time!

There's going to be some lucky people in Philly.

Anita K. said...

I wish I did live in your area, I would totally take you up on that! Best of luck!

Geoff Egan said...

When you get to Vancouver let me know! Because I do this sort of thing probably three times every two months. But, alas, it's too far to fly you.

Meanwhile, what a great idea for a summer job for a teenager. Sure beats working @ the Gap or (worse) (shudder) someplace like Taco Hell.

I'd say good luck Nick, but I imagine that someone as talented as you won't need luck to make this idea work.