Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Extra crispy strips?

Everybody's seen that commercial right? I mean the one for KFC where there's a crowded bus and some old guy is talking really loudly on the phone and the girl is getting really bothered by it so the guy next to her gives her some extra-crispy strips and the crunch of the strips is loud enough to block out the noise of the old guy talking on the phone?

Yea well that commercial makes those strips look pretty darn good and I'm the type of guy whose always down for some finger licking fried chicken so I decided to see if the crunch on KFC's strips was really loud enough to block out some extraneous noise in the background. More importantly, I had to see if the strips were any good.

So I went for a run beforehand so that I wouldn't feel bloated and guilty afterwards, then stopped into my good old local KFC. I picked up the strips, a biscuit and some mashed potatoes (note to self: the roasted potatoes are definitely better than mashed)then got back in my car. I turned on some awful techno, then bit into a strip, hoping that the crunch would dominate the music. It didn't. I took another bite. Same result. I turned on some rap metal and blasted it out the speakers to vent my rage. It wasn't just that the strips weren't "extra crispy" it's that they were hardly crispy at all. TGI frickin Fridays serves crispier strips!

That's not to say they weren't good however--I actually finished them on the ride home before I could get a photograph-- but they definitely did not live up to expectations. I actually stopped at Popeye's on the way home to satisfy my craving for crispy. Popeye's, now that's some good chicken...


Anonymous said...

I LLLOOOVE that chicken from Popeye's! No, really I do. :-)

Renzoe said...

Who is the brunette on the bus that get bothered on the old guy talking too loud??? pls reply!!!