Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cheesecake is the best. That's my thesis and body and conclusion. Cause that's all there is to say. That's all that should be said. At least that's what I thought until today.

Everytime I take a bite into any cheesecake I leverage my expectations tenfold. I have such high hopes for the pleasure I will receive when the cream cheese, the crust, cream topping hits my taste buds. But sometimes my expectations aren't justified. Sometimes cheesecake is like a tech stock of the 90's. And this particular cheesecake that I ate today was the I kept artificially increasing the value in my head until I actually tried the cake and completely burst my bubble.

Ya see, because cheesecake such potential for success in my mind, my expectations are naturally elevated, and are therefore much more prone to a crash.

So I got this cheesecake from this place in Philly that dubs itself "Best Cheesecake in Philly." It was the worst cheesecake I've had anywhere near Philly. I was so frustrated because I had expected the greatness that's usually a tag-team with cheesecake. The denseness. The richness. The feeling of ultimate indulgence. The knowledge that you are committing sin, and the decision to resign yourself to gluttony.

That was vacant from each of these three pieces of cheesecake--they were light and fluffy and puffy and airy--and I walked away a discouraged and pessimistic man.

Bananas Foster, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Cheesecake


James said...

'light and fluffy and puffy and airy' oh dear. Were they a no-bake version? A true tragedy. That's what put me off cheesecake for so long.

Got sudden cravings to try a carrot cheesecake....

Lisa said...

As your faithful reader from germany, I had to lauth about your 'light, fluff, puffy and air' comments. We germans love our cheescakes traditionally fluffy and puffy ^^
We even use curd cheese instead of cream cheese.
But I know how shattered expectations work. Cheer up and bake your own. Theese do taste best anyway!

Jumper said...

My next step into the unknown will involve using richer cheeses for making cheesecake. I have heard cheddar mixed with the cream cheese can be interesting.

Nick N said...

funny you say that. I just saw a recipe for a carrot cake cheesecake on the photograzing section of serious eats. Looked real good.

is curd cheese cottage cheese? that's really interesting that you guys like em light. I guess our expectations are very connected to preconceived notions.

that's actually a really interesting idea. what about dulce de leche with bleu cheese cheesecake