Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dinner in New York

Since I did pretty well on my first quarter grades, and to give me a little reward and perhaps relieve me of some of the stresses of the college process, my old man said he would take me to dinner in New York. Where should I go?

Do you have any recommendations? What restaurant would you like to read about here? I've got a few on my mind, Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, Del Posto (I've already taken myself to Per Se, Daniel, and Le Bernardin), but if there's something I'm missing, let me know. Don't worry about price. I'll pay for myself with catering money if it's expensive (which the restaurants I mentioned are). I'm pretty excited. I haven't been out for a real nice dinner in a while and I feel like those posts tend to be pretty exciting (read that Per Se link if you haven't already, it's my best post).

So let me know! Thanks


Teddy Devico said...

I have been to EMP, Jean Georges, and Del Posto for lunch. They were all amazing. If I had to go back to one of those places for dinner I would probably choose EMP because of the semi-recent "renovation" to the menu style.
I would also reccomend WD 50. I went recently for the tasting menu and it was awesome.

Anonymous said...


Alice said...

i highly recommend eleven madison park :)

pics and a bit of commentary:

and here:

good luck with the college apps! i have been lurking on your blog for a while now and i remember reading about you wanting to go to wharton. i went to penn and have really fond memories. hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

WD-50 is worth considering, depending on how you feel about that approach.

Jodie said...

Marea or Lincoln are two I desperately want to try....

serge said...

Dude, hit up Torrissi Italian Specialties. it is the place for innovative italian cooking today. it's like nothing you've ever had.

i've been reading your blog for a while and i live here in ny. trust me on the Torrissi rec.


serge said...

Dude, hit up Torrissi Italian Specialties. it is the place for innovative italian cooking today. it's like nothing you've ever had.

i've been reading your blog for a while and i live here in ny. trust me on the Torrissi rec.


Anonymous said...

one of david chang's joints


momofuku- the 1st place he opened is inexpensive but sublime.

how can you go wrong with
pork buns and momofuku ramen? (not the dried mushy ramen you may be thinking of)
or splurge at momofuku and get:
fried chicken dinner (reservations only, click here)
two whole fried chickens, one southern style and one korean style – mu shu pancakes, bibb lettuce, four sauces and an assortment of seasonal vegetables

or goto ssam and get the :
bo ssäm – whole butt, dozen oysters, kimchi, rice, bibb lettuce***

i say skip the "high end" joints you have listed- good food does NOT need to be french or white table cloths.
just my $.02


Maria said...

A million times, Eleven Madison Park! EMP is the one I return to whenever I'm in NYC - over Per Se, even. Humm changed up the menu/ordering process this summer, which was met with some controversy, but the food is as great as ever.

Jean Georges is lovely for lunch (and make yummy house sodas). Always interesting amuses and petits fours.

Apart from the bread basket, I prefer Convivio to Del Posto for Italian.

Also great: Marea for dinner or Torrisi if you want something more casual but delicious.

Have an awesome time. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard EMP is pretty spectacular and they have a neat new tasting menu. As far as other suggestions I would say try to button mash the week before and get a reservation at Ko; then there's Sushi Yasuda, wd-50, Marea, or Jonathan Bennos new place in the Lincoln Center. I would also suggest Prune and Ssam Bar, even though they aren't as high end they are some of the best places in the city and you can just go buck wild.

serge said...

listen, all the recs are great. wd-50 is excellent as is EMP. but they are all been there done that.

let me repeat - they are all excellent and i look forward to each of my meals there.

but if you are going to be in the CITY FOR ONE DAY and you can have LUNCH and DIN - it's a no brainer:

lunch at Ippudo - simply the best hirata pork buns this side of asia as well as the best ramen in nyc hands down.

and dinner at Torrissi - google it. it is not your typical italian joint. torrissi is to italian what momofuku is to korean. it's been called "rock and roll italian food" and it deserves every accolade it's gotten.

ok, go ahead. have a great meal here in nyc. you cannot lose with any of the recs in your comments.


Anonymous said...

Locanda Verde

Tags said...

Money's no object?

Masa. Four stars and a whole worshipful chapter in Michael Ruhlman's "Reach of a Chef."

Unknown said...

I really do want to try Del Posto (especially in light of their most recent NYT star, something I've been waiting to see for some time). Also in the NYT is Torrisi Italian Specialties. It has been so highly spoken of that I can't wait to stop in for a casual lunch while I'm there next week.

Tags said...

Did you see Chef Jason in today's Inquirer?

nhallfreelance said...

Get thee to the Changpire!

Tim said...

Another vote for EMP here. We just went last weekend for my wife's birthday and it was outstanding in every way.

Anonymous said...

I third/fourth/whatever wd~50, the tasting menu is something you'll never forget.

For really really upscale, I would suggest Gramercy Tavern. So classic and makes me feel homey and breath-taken all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I applied to UPenn Wharton early too and I am dying waiting for a decision.

Anonymous said...

You will not regret getting the tasting menu at wd-50.

EMP is spectacular as well.

Paul said...

Aquagrill (in SoHo). If Jennifer or Jeremy are around, tell them cousin Paul sent you.