Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving forward with the New Site

So what's next for the site moving forward?

  • I need to create categories, so that when you are comparing food, you are comparing food of the same category. That's just plain and simple, doesn't make sense comparing cake and chicken.

Mobile App
  • I'm talking with developers now about possibly creating a mobile app. 
  • For this kind of thing i think mobile is the direction it needs to go. Phones can now take high quality pictures, and I feel like mobile is the best way to create a kind of community feel to the site.

Stat Tracking
  • To make the site more fun, I need  to create some stats so that people can see how well their pictures are doing in the rankings.
  • For this type of thing there needs to be a login/username system.
  • People would see how well there pictures have done relative to others in the past week/month/year.

That's all I've got for now.

What am I missing?


Anonymous said...

how do you calculate the most popular? i've noticed a lot more pics, but somehow yours still remain the most popular...suspicious

Nick N said...


i haven't put in much marketing time yet, and therefore I don't have many hits. until i get more hits, the rate of change of the top rated pictures will be very slow simply because of the ranking algorithm's design.

the reason mine are at the top are because they were the first uploaded to the site, and i simply haven't had the traffic yet to change that.