Friday, November 25, 2011

More Grubbin

Like honestly, I've been eating better at college than I do at home. I seriously eat like a frikin king most of the time. And I'm so greatful for it. Food is like what I spend my money on. It's really money well spent too. Here are my latest and greatest eats since I last posted.

Also I'm busy at work confiting turkey in my frikin sous vide supreme so check back in soon to see how that turns out. I'm real hype for that. Curing in salt, garlic, sage, sugar right now. Really wanted to cure it in a sweet/spicy soy ginger sriracha cure but it's frikin Thanksgiving, you gotta go with tradition. 

Udon noodle soup with brisket from this crappy Chinese place next to the quad. Decent meal. Brisket was decent. I love soups in the winter. Been grubbin on soup non-stop recently. My favorite soup is the Tom Yum Seafood soup from Sangkee--not technically Chinese but absolutely bangin. Spicy but not too spicy. It's like, by the end you're like wow that was frikin hot--spicy, but each individual spoonful isn't spicy so it just entices you to keep going.

So on last Saturday I didn't have too much work so I walked to La Colombe--Philly's premier coffe shop--for my morning cappuccino. Great setting, great foam, great coffee. I can't stress the foam enough. Note to Starbucks/Au Bon Pain, the foam is why I order a cappuccino. I recently tweeted "Why do I keep giving au Bon pain another shot at making a cappuccino? It always ends with me contemplating suicide."

This is a good story.  As I passed Rittenhouse Square on my way to La Colombe I saw my friend who used to work at Lacroix with me selling Canales at the Rittenhouse Square Farmer's Market. After she left Lacroix, her and her boyfriend started their own canale business Market Day Canale. They gave me a free box. The canales were great. So Different. Airy and creamy in the center, caramelized on the outside.

Close friend visited from home and brought us pumpkin muffins that his mom made.

Baby Blue's BBQ, right off of Penn's Campus. I've been there so many times since school started. It's just great. Mac and cheese, pork and beans, brisket, ribs, fries, cornbread, all the good stuff.

Here's my roommate on the left and my boy from home on the right at Baby Blue's.

For my Management 100 class, my team of 10 and I partnered up with the non-profit Hip Hop Inc. which aims to reduce the dropout rate in West Philadelphia High School. To raise money for Hip Hop we held an event which featured food from the local restaurants. To read more about it, check out our sweet write-up in Meal Ticket. This is some pasta from the food truck Chewy's.

Here's country pate with foie gras from Fond.  The pate was just incredible.

Here's some pizza from Fork.

Some fried rice from Chabaa Thai Bistro.

Pizza from Axis Pizza.

Gaspare was nice enough to send me some chocolates to my dorm.

Here are the coffee flavored chocolates. So good. I love coffee and anything coffee-flavored (yogurt, ice cream etc) so these were perfect for me.

A few other chocolates. The highlights were the caramel on the bottom, and the passionfruit chocolates on the top. It was like a burst of passionfruit in my mouth. Unexpected and delicious.

BBQ spare ribs from some crappy Japanese place that everyone goes to for Sake bombing. These ribs were just so lackluster.

This is seafood miso soup from the same place. Same deal.

That's all for now. Thanksgiving updates to come.


Amy @ Tasty Top said...

That pizza looks so delicious!

A Girl Called George ... said...

those chocolates look delishious ! your blog has made me hungry ! great blog by the way x
Georgette x

Anonymous said...

How are you doing with the "freshman fifteen?" This doesn't look like the ramen noodle diet of impoverished student.