Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Cheese!

Yes, yes I'm so sorry for the long time sans posting. I've been rather preoccupied with things such as school, and eating cheese. Yes, cheese. In the time that I haven't been writing I've sampled two of the stinkiest, yet most wonderful cheeses you could imagine. I had my mom go into Dibruno Brothers and ask them for the two stinkiest cheeses they had. I of course was at school, and upon coming home, I asked my mom why she hadn't washed my gym socks, before I saw the cheeses sitting on the kitchen table, stinking up the house in the most appealing way. I quickly turned the fan on in the room, and began munching at my cheese.

I would definitely say that if you can get past the aroma, you will be fine. The aroma however, is quite a large barrier to break. The taste of both is creamy, rich and luxuriously salty. I however preferred the Cow Girl Creamery "Red Hawk" which is on the left. The Robiola di Bosco from Piedmont, Italy had a slightly off-putting texture in the rind.
I urge you, go to Philadelphia make a stop at Dibruno Brothers and sample some cheeses. Even if you don't wanna go for the stinky ones find some that is right for you. The staff is knowledgeable and the cheese plentiful. I buy something from there whenever I'm in the area, and when I'm broke, I'll go in just for the cheese samples (shhh).

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