Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pi Day!

Ahh pi day.

Or what could more accurately be called Pie Day.

I have no clue what pi does, but I know that pie fills the house with sweet smelling goodness.

Pi day happened to be on the day before Spring break for our school, and you can assume that means party. It was rather easy to convince my pie-loving math teacher of this notion.

I planned to make it with my friend, on Thursday after school. We peeled and cut eight apples (we only need seven but you can assume that we will eat about one) down quite small (i dont like the taste of raw apple in my pie) then added generous amounts of cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, lemon juice and melted buter. We then strained the apples, and reduced the juices just to thicken, before mixing them back in with the apples. I pulled out my already defrosted, home-made pie crust (I make a big batch once in a while then freeze it and put in the fridge one day before use) and rolled it out to the dimensions of a pie plate. I poured in the apples and covered with another crust. I brushed egg wash on the top and sprinkled some sugar. My friend and I tried to write some algebraic expression on the top, but that didn't come out too well.

Anyway, pi day was awesome. I filled myself with apple, peach, chocolate, and blueberry pies before surrendering to the groans of my stomach. Our pie went over quite well, with a multitude of compliments from various people. My taste buds and I will be longingly awaiting 3/14/09.

We just pretended that that ripped part was an accident hehe.

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