Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Birthday Present

I got a bunch of cool birthday presents, and I'm really grateful.

Highlights were Pumpkin Spice Hand Lotion, eggs from a friend who owns Americauna Hens, and Sous Vide Magic but none of these were the best.

I got off the bus, and walked towards my house on my birthday expecting the usual: Genuardi's carrot cake. I was planning on telling my mom that I didn't want a cake unless it was homemade, but I had forgotten to do so.
I walked in my house, and to my great surprise my grandmother (in from Florida) was preparing an apple crisp-not from canned apples or a betty crocker mix, but from scratch.
Aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg perfumed the house as the crumble cooked. To me, someone who gets his pleasure from cooking for others, it's really special when someone decides to put effort into cooking for you.The best presents aren't necessarily sold at Toys R Us, or in my case, Williams Sonoma. The best presents are something you can relate to or that touches you somehow (cliche of the day I know). Anyway, I already know that among other presents, that apple crumble will stand out at the end of this holiday season.
Oh yea and asdfjhalskfhalksjdflkajsdflkj it tasted so damn good.


Anonymous said...

do let us know if that immersion circulator is any good , granted it costs 1/9th of the polysci model

Anna said...

hooray for apple crisp! It's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I can give you many good reasons why the SousVideMagic way is much better than a scientific immersion circulator:
1. Cost- 80% saving
2. Energy cost - cooking 72 hour beef ribs save me 90% energy
3. making soup and stew without vacuum bags.
4. Last summer I took my family picnic and carry SVM/Rice cooker(warm mode)with us and plug SVM to my car's DC/AC inverter and have hot meals on the go!
plus many more