Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa's been good to me


Dhrumil said...

Good grips are always fun.

Gaetano said...

I'm glad Santa was good to you! Things I couldn't live without:

- salad spinner
- battery operated Peugeot pepper mill
- chopsticks
- Good Grips oyster knife

See you Saturday!

coplandesque said...

you need to know shola olunloyo, a private chef in based in philadelphia. check out his amazing blog: http://studiokitchen.typepad.com/

Trig said...

Great stuff. I bought my dad a stick blender and he sprayed the kitchen walls with it. Happy New Year.

Nick N said...

nem you're the best.

j I will definitely check out that website.

trig, at least you're trying. happy new years to you too.

Michelle said...

Stick blender - awesome! I love mine.

Danielle said...

Oh man, I didn't know how terrible my life truly was before until I got my hand immersion blender a few months ago!! lol Then I got my new food processor and stand mixer, and suddenly, I was in heaven! I enjoy your blog. I love good food. I'm a big fan of homecooked comfort food myself. That and Italian cuisine is my speciality.

lenniesmom said...

Hey - I got that same scale for Christmas last year.