Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 random things about me (continued)

13. Alton Brown is my man crush.

14. Giada de Laurentis is my real crush.

15. I think I've made the joke "the stinkier the better" to anyone I've ever talked to about cheese.

16. Everytime I clean my plate, I make the joke to my waiter "just tryin to help out the dishwasher."

17. I wish I was Anthony Bourdain's son.

18. If Mario Batali gave me his pair of Crox, I would wear them everyday.

19. I have this ongoing debate in my head about whether my goal should be to try and make money, or if it should be to open up a small 5 table restaurant in Napa Valley and live a relaxed life.

20. My favorite fruit is avocado.

21. I aspire to create muffins comparable to the ones in my grocery store, but think that may be impossible, considering I've heard of 10 of the 30 ingredients.

22. Usually when people say that a food is too rich or too sweet, I have no idea what they're talking about.

23. If I had a spare $2,000, before I could go to a nice restaurant I'd probably spend it on one of those fancy espresso machines in Williams Sonoma. They just look so cool.

24. If I could go to any restaurant in the world right now, it would be Momofuku Ssam bar. I could really use some pork buns right now.

25. To be honest, I'm convinced that I can improve on my "Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie," but am overwhelmed by the amount of variables that come into play. I don't think I'll ever have the time to test all of them.

26. I wish I could play guitar really well. I have this fantasy of me and a few friends sitting on the beach at sunset with me playing guitar.

27. I'm not completely convinced that anything out of my own mind is real.

28. My favorite every day meal is scrambled egg on buttered toast.

29. I wanna get a moped license.

30. Junior year I plan on bribing kids to do my math homework with home-cooked meals.

31. I'm scared that one day my diet will have to change if I want to stay healthy.

32. I have a fantasy of getting trapped in Whole Foods for a week.

So that's a few more than 25, and I really wish that I could keep going, but I have to go. I'm testing another variable in my chocolate chip cookies.


Tania said...

i have the same fantasy of getting trapped in whole foods.

James said...

'I have this ongoing debate in my head about whether my goal should be to try and make money, or if it should be to open up a small 5 table restaurant in Napa Valley and live a relaxed life'

I'd go for what you enjoy. The money will follow. And people that go for money often end up going broke. It also depends what kind of runner you are - a sprinter - restaurant chef, or marathon runner - functions chef.

Mmm. Pork buns.

Vivien said...

hey, interesting post, i got my "25 randoms things about me" up too

Journeywoman said...

What James said. Do the small table restaurant really well and the money will follow.

Anonymous said...

Do an underground guerrilla kitchen. Nothing says "sensual stimulation" like the chance of getting arrested while you are indulging in hedonism. Raw-milk cheeses...on the menu, foie...on the menu, endangered species(conservative radio hosts)...ON THE MENU! And you can always have a video screen playing episodes of "Everyday Italian" with Giada massaging olive oil into a rack of lamb and reruns of Nigella(my crush) snatching left-overs out of the fridge.

Anonymous said...

I have a fantasy combining the espresso machine and muffins. It mostly involves me consuming a cripsy/soft muffin while being enveloped in the invigorating aroma of espresso. Clearly I've thought about this more than once...

Go for the restaurant.

The Fashion Pinko said...

I noticed that the L20 blog is not on your list of blogs. I highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

In regard to #31:
Keep running long, that will help you maintain a healthy balance.

Malachy said...

you dont need a moped license!

ndbrad said...

Concerning #21 - considering that you don't need stabilizers, can use real dairy and egg products, and don't use a lot of preservatives (except salt) in your cooking, I have full confidence in your ability to beat the pants off of the grocery store muffins. Take that ACME.

Anonymous said...

Momofuku Saam Bar is overrated. Go get the pork buns at Jose's new Chifa. And the lobster Hong Kong noodles.

Jessie said...

your 25 things were quite interesting! i'm aspiring to make a profit from a hobby of baking that i've developed this summer while summer reading waits at my bedside table. so far i've given numerous people, including my police precinct, gifts of cookies or cakes and they have all been well received! i also adore whole foods. my mother has had to drag me out on numerous occasions in the past. love your blog, keep on keepin on!