Monday, February 16, 2009


Ever since they began using it at Lacroix, I've been really into Harissa. It's quite spicy, but Harissa isn't all about the heat. It has extraordinary flavor as well. This creates a type of culinary conundrum for me. Whenever I have some, my mind tells me I want more, it just tastes so good, though my burning mouth begs me to stop. My mind almost always prevails. I stop just as I begin to breathe smoke out of my nose.
I've been eating Harissa with almost anything. My breakfast in the morning may be eggs topped with harissa, my lunch, turkey, bacon and harissa aioli* and my afternoon snack, harissa with peanuts. It's really a continuous supply throughout the day, and if I'm really feeling naughty, I'll just take a spoon and dig right in. But right now I'm just training my tongue to handle the heat. Essentially, I'm raising my smoke point.
* I made the harissa aioli by whisking a heaping spoonful of harissa with about a 1/2 tsp mustard, a grind of black pepper, a small squeeze of lemon juice, 1 small minced clove of garlic , and an egg yolk, then slowly drizzling in olive oil while whisking, to form an emulsion. I stopped when in tasted right.


Tags said...

This will raise your smoke point

Nick N said...

bob I disagree,
that will engulf me in flames

Vicky Brehm said...

I too recently discovered harissa, but in its dry form. Have you had a chance to use it in any Moroccan cooking yet?

Anonymous said...

Wow you seem to love this stuff! Do you have any idea where I can buy it? I am cooking beans and they asked for it in the recipe, so I don't realy have time to mail order.