Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Round

Alright, first off, I want to give a shoutout to my good buddy Daniel who came up with the idea for this, and second, I'd like to let you know that I slightly messed up the bracket in terms of where certain games go in relation to others, but it's not a big deal.

1 potato versus 16 olive
Come on. I mean seriously? Blowout match right here. The olives got mashed by potatoes. Ironic no?

8 Brocolli versus 9 asparagus
Asparagus you're a little too bitter, and ever since I discovered brocolli roasted, it has had the edge. 10 point victory for broccoli.

6 corn versus 11 sweet potato
Close match, but sweet potato pulls off the big 6-11 upset.

4 Strawberry versus 13 bell pepper
Strawberry has really been turning it on late in the season, actually, they've been turning it on before their season to be precise. Strawberry with a blowout over the peppers.

3 Apple versus 14 butternut squash
This game came closer than expected, but since there are so many different types of apples, they just kept rotating players in, therefore wearing out the one man show of butternut squash. Apple pulls off the W.

5 Carrots versus 12 Avocado
Avocado is too dang creamy and smooth and wonderful. Blowout for the 12 seeded avocado. Could the carrots see anything out there?

7 Grapes versus 10 mango
Grapes spent the whole game wineing. Victory for the mango.

2 Banana versus 15 shitake
Bananas can be great at times but they didn't bring their A game. Out on the court, these bananas looked like the crappy ones you get from the megamart. What's more, shitake really bruised them up. Big 15-2 upset for the shrooms.

Let's move into the carb region

1 Pizza versus 16 sourdough
Pizza slammed sourdough. The fact that pizza can be made with sourdough only added to the effect. There was this amazing play in this game where one pizza guy through a deep dish to a player on the other side of the court for an alley oop. I'll take that with extra cheese.

8 Lasagna versus 9 garlic bread
I could smell garlic bread from the press box in this game, but I don't care if the Lasagna is Stouffer's, Grandma's, you name it. Ill take that meaty man's meal over a pungent pushover any day.

6 spaghetti versus 11 cornbread
Cornbread sopped up spaghetti's juices and won this won hands down. Spaghetti's coach, that Bob Bertolli, made some poor decisions down the starch.

4 waffles versus 13 brioche
brioche I love you, but you just couldn't rise to the occasion. Waffles' shot was just like butta (and maple syrup).

3 pancakes versus 14 honey bunches of oats
Honey bunches of oats didn't perform in crunch time. Aunt Jemima coached her team to an easy victory.

5 bagels versus 12 baguette
Baguettes are great, but they looked a little crusty out there. Plus, you just can't eat a baguette with cream cheese and lox. Bagels are just too well rounded and they get the W.

7 muffins versus 10 biscuits
Those athletic biscuits had a lot of jams out there, but let's get real; have you ever heard of a bluebery crumb biscuits? Muffins win.

2 Mac and Cheese versus 15 Risotto
Mac and Cheese busted out its best cheddar, and risotto's great, but can you really pick them over Mac and Cheese? MAC wins.

That's enough to tide you over for now. Rest of the games will be played tomorrow and results will be posted tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

i predicted it all, except 3 Apple versus 14 butternut squash. i picked squash, but there are too many apples. shitakes over banana. i knew you would think the same thing.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am LOVING this!!

e said...

I agree, muffins are better than bicuts..pizza is better than anything :)

Nick N said...

cooking at 11: maybe great minds really do think alike.

thanks liz

e, not sure I can disagree.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely pulling for Avocado and Bagel. Can't beat either when the former is in season and the latter is properly made boiled and topped with cream cheese!

Anonymous said...

i predict Prosciutto over filet mignon. i mean yeah filets are tender, but they have no FLAVOR. Prosciutto, on the other hand. Prosciutto is full of FLAVOR. would you compromise FLAVOR, just for the feel of the food in your mouth? i mean, yeah flavor is important, but compromise FLAVOR? isn't cooking about FLAVOR? just a little something to think about

Anonymous said...

"7 Grapes versus 10 mango
Grapes spent the whole game wineing. Victory for the mango."

Were we watching the same game? If nothing else, grapes have spirit that Mango only pretends to have. Grapes have historically been a better competitor, they are a more colorful team, they have a greater fan base and seem to thrive wherever coach Bacchus has them playing. As the religious groups will attest, Grapes pretty much invented the game, back when it was just Bread and Grape-juice at a small pick-up match in Cana. I am pretty sure olives were in the final four of that dust-up, but it was a few years ago.
Mango has earned a right to compete, but it does not have the endurance that grapes have proven to have. No other team can throw a fifty-year old player in and get the results and crowd response that Mondavi or Rothschild command when handling the ball. Even those perennial bench-warmers, the Gallo brothers, have more depth than Mango's best attempts. "Rewind" the Tivo, Buckwheat! I am sure you will see a different result

miss megan said...

at first I was a bit confused with the concept but yeah, this is hilarious to read! I'm liking the witty banter.

your blog is great!

Tags said...

I think if you get your bagels from NY Bagels in the shopping center strip next to the McDonald's at City Line & Haverford Ave, they move up from 5 seed to 2 seed.

Nick N said...

craigkite: under normal circumstances, it appears grapes would easily pull off the w. but this is march madness baby anything can happen!!!