Monday, March 30, 2009

Lunch tomorrow

Oh yea and I'm really excited for my lunch tomorrow.

Avocado, bleu cheese, bacon, roasted mushrooms and red pepper hummus on whole wheat sourdough. I may have trouble concentrating the class before. Forget those english notes.


e said...

:-D haha that SO trumps English!

Anonymous said...

Is the hummus something that you have made or purchased? I had a recent "bad fish" incident when my wife purchased lame hummus with artichoke. It was too watery and the additional veg detracted. I did not make the mistake of showing my displeasure.
I have a deli that keeps a little Lebanese cook busy with chick-peas, and have never attempted making it myself. I was wondering if this condiment was yours, and any insights on preparation.

c3 said...

I wish I could have you making my lunch. Sounds really YUM!

Shelly said...

That sounds wonderful!