Monday, November 30, 2009

My contributions to Thanksgiving

This year one of the most discussed topics at the dinner table was our lack of a green bean casserole. Its absence, I think, pleased everyone except my grandmom, a rather strict traditionalist. And lack of tradition was somewhat of a theme of the meal. Sure there was turkey and stuffing, but most of the dishes were unique, and were pretty representative of the family member who cooked them. I think I like this. I'm always gonna want turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving, but as long as we stay rooted in tradition, I'm happy to grow from there- and I think we should.
This year I made a whole wheat panzanella salad with prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula and a sage-sherry vinaigrette.

I also made a roasted sweet potato salad with pine nuts, golden raisins, and parmesan and dressed it with a roasted garlic and rosemary aioli. - This was really delicious, I couldn't stop eating it, and the leftover aioli is great for turkey sandwiches.

Finally I made an apple pie. And that's that. Can't wait till next year.


Leigh said...

Good for you and your family for ommiting the green bean casserole. Where did that tradition come from anyway? I had to work on Thanksgiving, and thank the Lord we did not run out of turkey (500 lbs). We did however run out of green bean casserole!

gexx said...

I am TOTES making that sweet potato salad but w butternut squash for dinner tomorrow evening. That sounds absolutely delish!

Clstal said...

I think the pictures make that last post - though I'd love a recipe for that s potato salad!

And I approve the lack of GBC - I'm not a fan myself. This year we made the things we want to eat - and that's the way it should be!

Erin said...

i second the request for the sweet potato salad recipe ... it looks amazing!