Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spicy Pulled Pork

Pork shoulder braised in chicken stock, harissa and jalapenos.

Pork shoulder is almost always delicious, but the spicy component just takes this to the next level giving your tongue another taste to tangle with.

Alright sorry for the minimal writing, but I gotta go write an essay about James Madison and Thomas Jefferson- who by the way, was a lover of all things French, especially the food.


CHEF said...

Great looking pork, Nick. I had to come and check out your blog, after a long time of internet neglect. I've been working in Dublin, Ohio, bringing a local restaurant back from disaster, and that took up pretty much all of my time. Love the writing, as usual.

EightySixThis said...

You might be short on words, but that photo speaks a thousand. Will you be sharing the recipe?

Nope. said...

God, I love harissa! What a fantastic website...I know this is also commenting from another post, but good luck with that girl! And with blondies like that, who could resist?