Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Hierarchy of Halloween Candy

As compared to the 2009 version. Read the list like u read a book, Reese's is 1st, Baby Ruth is 5th etc. The mysterious 3rd candy is Hershey's Cookies and Cream, which you really need to try if you haven't already.

So what do you think? Which list do you agree with more?


cd0103 said...

Does your order change if you are eating the dark chocolate versions of the candy?

Teddy Devico said...

You should try pretzel M & M's. They are probably my second favorite behind Reeses.

Tags said...

My list would be on a spinning lazy susan.

Mike said...

Let's stop pretending I wouldn't eat a dozen of each.

GiGi said...

Reeses Pieces & Twix... Aw man, too good!

Kathy said...

what about Almond Joys?

Arties32 said...

Where is Oh Henry!?

Nick N said...

don't think I've had dark chocolate of any of these candies. is dark chocolate reese's any good?

have seen the commercials and wanted to try em. Ill pick em up in wawa soon.

miss malbec,
it's funny cause I never knew what Oh Henry's were until a few days ago. Never tried one.

I do like almond joy. I guess my sister just didn't get any this year, or they wouldve been on the list.