Thursday, November 11, 2010

So I applied...

So I applied early decision to Wharton, the business school at Penn and now I'm just waiting for judgment day. This punishment, this wait, is cruel and unusual. I actually heard the Supreme Court is actually looking at the constitutionality of this torture right now. The duration is what kills me. Every day I go over in my head, why I might get in or why I might not.

And others contribute to the torture. Just last week I was at my friend's house. Her dad, who went to Wharton told me about some kid who was the Valedictorian of my high school, who had perfect SAT's, but didn't get in. I know this kid who was a senior last year, who was rejected by Wharton, but accepted to Princeton.

So I'm a little anxious right now. I know there are other places I'd be happy to go, but Penn seems too perfect. One of the essays penn requires you to complete asks "Why Penn?" I nailed that essay, and it came so naturally for me to describe why I belong at Penn. It wasn't contrived. Writing that same essay about anywhere else won't be easy to do.

So with this anxiety, I think I'm developing more of an appetite. I want more rich comfort foods. I'm dreaming in burgers and pancakes. In math class I see fried chicken falling from the heavens onto pillows of waffles and then it rains maple syrup.

But if I'm gonna indulge in comfort foods, I want it to count. See, my philosophy on food is that when playing the eating game, and you're on the lower end of the nutritional spectrum,  the match up between nutritional value and taste must be zero sum. If I'm consuming empty calories, they better taste really good.

 (If I'm gonna eat junk, gimme the good stuff, not crappy doughtnuts like these)

So What's your favorite comfort food and how do I make it or where do I get it? I'm 5'10 150 now, we'll see how that changes by judgment day.


Zhana Sandeva said...

Nick - take it easy and don't let a single valedictorian story let you down! You never know if he took the essay seriously. Maybe Penn thought he wouldn't fit in; they are really trying to have a diverse graduating class. A friend of mine thought the personal statement doesn't count for anything and he got rejected by MIT (not sure if that was the reason, but you never know).
As for comfort food - if you have time, try making Bulgarian pumpkin pastry with phyllo dough. 500g phyllo (or a 1 lb pack), 800g coarsely grated pumpkin, 200g sugar, 150g ground walnuts, 100ml oil, 30g fine breadcrumbs, 10g cinnamon (or to taste), 40g powder sugar. Sautee pumpking with a bit of oil until the liquid evaporates. Make filling from pumpkin, walnut, cinnamon, sugar, breadcrumbs. The Greek phyllo I've found in Philly is thinner than Bulgarian, so get two or three sheets together, sprinkle with oil and some filling, roll up. Repeat for the rest. Arrange the rolls in a spiral, starting from the center of a round baking tin (or just place them next to one another in a rectangular one). Bake in medium oven until golden. Serve sprinkled with powder sugar. DEVOUR. And sorry for the metric.

The Empress said...

Cut a ciabatta in half lengthways, then lightly toast.

Caramelise some red onions with crushed garlic. Pound up some peppercorns and coriander seeds and add to the onion. Drop in a touch of balsamic vinegar to loosen the mixture.

Spread on the ciabatta.

Cover with slices of brie or camembert (the more mature/runny, the better!). Place under grill until cheese is bubbling, almost burning. Devour.

Ok, ok, so it's basically cheese on toast. But it's posh cheese on toast with a wealth of flavours, and it feels soooo warming!

Although come to think of it, I remember hearing that you can't get runny cheeses in the USA. Which is a real shame, as they're better than any processed cr*p out there.

Anonymous said...

The Admission Folks at Penn should read this entry. Anyone that understands the concept of Eternal Damnation should get a early acceptance. If you are going to Hell, be sure you REALLY enjoyed the sin. You have that right.
My favorite comfort food that I haven't made in years is SOS or Creamed Chipped Beef the way my mother-in-law made it...with hard boiled eggs sliced in. Devoid of imagination and nutritional value, and so good with a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning with no agenda.

Tags said...

The pulled pork Cuban at Pig Daddy's is a great place to start.

Carole said...

What is your definition of good junk good? Those doughnuts seem to fit the definition of junk food for me.

Melissa K said...

Make pumpkin lasagna. I made some last weekend with some long neck pumpkins I surprisingly found, and it defined comfort food.

PS: Good luck with the early admission. Penn would be lucky to have someone as goal oriented and driven as you.

CookTeen said...

I know exactly how you feel--I just applied to college and December 15th never seemed so far away. I dream about receiving the letter every day...pure torture.

with love and cupcakes,

Kenn said...

I see your "chicken and waffles with maple syrup" and ask you to try waffles, with pulled pork on top, with melted cheddar, then the maple syrup. It is really good, comfort food.

Anita K. said...

Good luck!

My current favorite comfort food consists of taking white bread (a fluffy kind, not a good hearty kind), buttering it liberally on both sides, and frying it on a griddle on both sides until dark golden brown, then topping with a thick layer of Nutella and eating while hot. :)

Unknown said...

i'm a senior at penn and i wish you tons of luck getting in!! not that i think you'll need it--schools usually love people who have something unique to offer. if that doesn't define you, i don't know what does.

Jumper said...

Here's my favorite comfort food. The basic recipe:
Mine looks like this:

I add lots more green bell pepper to the first recipe. The ham flavors and the cheese are assertive enough to balance my larger amounts of bell pepper.

The biscuits are like biscuits on top, dumplings underneath. And a fanatic such as myself will add both Swiss and cheddar to the biscuit dough. I like a bit of marjoram in the sauce. Thyme, too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you linked your blog in your application, because I'm sure you'll be fine. Interestingly enough, Wharton has expanded a bit more into 'alternative' business options - restaurateurs, etc. I'm currently a junior - I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Carolynn said...

I know it's already after the fact and all your stressing was for naught because YOU GOT IN!!! But my fave comfort food is actually donuts - but not your typical coffee-shop donut. Check out my recipe at