Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raspberry Curd

When making the raspberry tart in the previous post, I first thought that I would just cook down the raspberries into a thick jam-like concoction to put in a tart...

This didn't work. The mixture just became too watery, and there were so many seeds! I made the decision to pass the mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds, but what to do about the thickness of the mixture.

I decided that I would risk ruining the mixture by trying to make it into a curd. Would this work? I had no idea. I had never heard of raspberry curd. I picked out a lemon curd recipe, and found that with the lemon juice and melted butter and all, there was about the same amount of liquid as I had with the watery jam. The recipe used three yolks and three eggs to thicken this liquid, so I decided to try the same. I tempered the eggs, then cooked for a few minutes, and the mixture thickened beautifully! It came to the perfect texture, and now I had no seeds to worry about.

I let the curd cool, then spread it out onto some pie dough. I folded it up into a little package and baked for 45 minutes.

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