Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is what I like to eat

Sous vide grilled chicken and grilled tatsoi, both from Lancaster, PA.

I've been buying chicken breasts in bulk (6 at a time) then sous viding them and chilling them. Whenever I want one, I simply crisp the skin on the grill and enjoy. It's really too easy.


Ryan said...

huh, I love EATING food that TASTES good like steaks and chicken breasts, but when i COOK i enjoy HARDER LONGER cooking things like duck confit, and short ribs, which I know you like too
just a little bit of critisism

Nick N said...

ryan, you are exactly right. I like eating simple food, but I prefer cooking food that takes a process. I don't believe I'm contradicting myself here.

Anonymous said...

But, nothing beats a pasta dish that takes 15 minutes to boil water, sweat a Vidalia onion, chop garlic, slice tomatoes, season, herb and caper to taste in olive oil. Toss with a little pasta water and cheese as desired. One can pour a refreshing beverage, change out of work clothes, open the mail and chase the cats around the kitchen with power tools while the pasta is cooking. Simplicity is great in a busy household, "Process" is great when you have the whole afternoon to do it.

Ryan said...

craig, yes, but when your a kid who finished his homework, doesn't have a job, and is bored out of his mind you have the time make fresh pasta, or duck confit, or short ribs