Monday, October 12, 2009

Ideas in Food Dinner

I've been reading the Ideas in Food blog for a while, tracking their thoughts and admiring their ideas. It's really a great place to go if you're in search of inspiration.

Yesterday night I made a reservation for the Ideas in Food Dinner at Blackfish on November 2nd. This is the major dinner, since I went to Daniel in New York over a year ago, that I've saved up my own money for., and I'm really excited. My "major meal frequency" has dropped significantly. I just have too many extra expenses that come with getting older.

Anyway, check out the menu. This really isn't anything I'd be interested in cooking myself, but I'm enthusiastic about eating it. Smoked Pumpkin Ice Cream- my favorite fall flavor in ice cream form + smoke: what could be better? Potato Chip Soup? What a concept!

This should be an intriguing experience.


Tim said...

My wife and I will be there too, celebrating her birthday. The menu looks amazing.

matt74 said...

You and Tim are lucky! their site too very inspiring..wish I was closer i'd go myself

Anonymous said...

You have zeroed in on a major reason to spend BIG money on a meal. It is something that you are interested in eating, but for some reason might not cook it yourself. Enjoy!

Ashley said...

Had to laugh about the fluffernutter at the end of the menu!