Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sous Vide Fried Chicken?

I wonder how sous vide fried chicken would work out. Of course I could simply cook the chicken sous vide, then bread it and fry it at a high temperature, but how would this work: bread the chicken beforehand, then sous vide it, causing the egg to coagulate and therefore setting the breading (hopefully). I would then just fry it off.

It will be something to try.


Greg L. said...

Just wondering if you've thought this all the way through. Aren't you afraid you're just complicating things unecessarily?

I mean, fried chicken from raw doesn't take all that long-certainly nothing like hovering over the chicken for the eight hours or so to do the first sous-vide thing. Some food is simple, and delightful-no need to turn it into an entire production of "Billy Elliot".

Anonymous said... There is a sous vide step included in this recipe for Ad Hoc Fried Chicken.

Nick N said...


Fried chicken from raw is indeed delicious, but if you really wanna make it good you gotta brine it overnight, then bread it and fry it which is kind of a hassle and isn't practical to do often. If I could just have chicken ready to go into the frier whenever, that would make it much more accessable.

Jumper said...

Anonymous's link is very informative! Also, I've been considering dips more radical than buttermilk lately on my website. I saw a guy on TV dip his chicken in barbecue sauce prior to the breading!