Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cooking Fish

I had brilliant ideas of a steamed halibut, a silky asparagus puree drizzled with a fruity olive oil, crisp roasted fingerling potatoes to offset the delicate fish and puree, and some watercress dressed with vinaigrette, to add some acidity. Sounds good doesnt it? Yes, well those plans were thwarted by my mom, who told me I had really run up the grocery bill this week (which I had) and asked if I would wait till next week to do my experiment. I reluctantly agreed, and simply cooked some salmon by itself.

Now the topic of this post wasn't to tell you about a salmon dish I made, rather it was to inform you on how to cook it to the appropriate doneness.

See that picture up there, that salmon is medium rare. How do I know? Did I hack it open after I took the photo? Did I cut a slit on the other side then flip it over? No! I inserted that metal skewer that you can see, touched it to my lower lip, found it to be medium rare, and then hacked it up to make sure I was right.

Ok to determine the doneness of fish insert a metal skewer for 5 seconds through the side, touch to your lip and if it is...
slightly warm=medium rare
quite warm=medium
hot= somewhere past medium
It will take a little while to get use to, but it will change your skills from McDonald's mystery fish fillet sandwich cook, to Le Bernardin poisonnier, well almost.

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