Friday, April 25, 2008

10 Arts

Last Thursday, like all Thursdays, I perused the Food section in the Philadelphia Inquirer in search of the "really really" of the food world. I found that like in New York, a bill might be passed requiring chain restaurants to put calorie information on their menus, that a chicken is as great as its parts, and that 10 Arts is opening May 20th (read previous post here) and that's quite soon!

I loved Chef Eric Ripert's food at Le Bernardin and couldn't wait to get more! I phoned the restaurant and was told by some lady that I couldn't get an opening day reservation but that they were taking reservations for day 2. She apparently wasn't in charge of the whole thing, because she put me on the line with someone else who told me that though they were trying to keep the first night a quiet one, they would take a reservation for two! So I'm going to 10 Arts on opening day, and you can be sure I'm excited.

So who will I bring to this grand occasion? Who's my lucky date? Oh just my mom. I am actually quite thrilled she's going however, because I won't have to pay! On the other hand, she hasn't asked my dad yet, so I might wind up going by myself. But if that happens, you know I can always scrounge up some quick cash.

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Unknown said...

ill go with you nick!
not paying though