Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Corned Beef Finally!

Corned Beef simmering away.

I woke up with a smile on my face today. Why? After five days of longing for some salty, marbled, corned beef, the time had arrived to take it out, and simmer it to ultimate juicyness. I snuck out one minute before the bell, to beat the end of the day rush, and hurried home, cutting off cars, running red-lights, and throwing away John McCain signs in order to get home as quickly as possible (and save our country).

I got home, took out the beef, washed it thoroughly, covered it with water in a big pot and set the timer for three hours. I waited anxiously, in anticapation of my first creation of charcuterie. As the obnoxious timer sounded in my ear, I checked the beef for doneness. It was not quite where I wanted yet. One part of me, eager to dig in to my creation almost pulled out the meat, yet the other part of me, craving perfection allowed the meat to further simmer away.

I took it out when it finally felt ready, let it cool, then dug my greedy paws in.

(It's not the red color you generally get from corned beef and that's because my mom didn't get the necessary pink salt to preserve the color. Yes I know, you're saying "he's the typical teenager blame everything on the mom" however it was my fault as well. I should've reminded her 15 times instead of just 10 to get the pink curing salt, and not "pink himalayan salt." This himalayan salt is cool, and the absence of the curing salt won't change the flavor much, so I guess it's really not a big deal).

I LOVED IT! At first I was uneasy, because I didn't know what to expect, but it tasted wonderful! Very similar to the store bought corned beef, but, better. Anyway, charcuterie will undoubtedly be present in future posts on this blog. I can't wait for future endeavors in this field!!!

Yea I know it looks kinda funky in that picture, my camera is bad.

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i need to get some of that