Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps Breakfast

What don't we know about Michael Phelps. We know what music he listens to, we know how he trains, some of you even know the layout of his stomach by heart. And of course, everyone knows about his legendary 12,000 calorie diet. Now before you say you've heard about Michael Phelps' breakfast 100 times on every news station, read on.

I am currently on the cross country team for my school. We have morning practices every day, and as a result of much running, I can eat pretty well too. After a recent practice, I felt famished. I needed sustenance. I went home, had a banana-nutella sandwich on cinnamon bread, and then a yogurt. I didn't stop there however. I went out to breakfast soon after at a local diner and rewarded my tummy with a three egg omelet, two slices of whole wheat toast with butter, a side of home fries, and I washed it down with two large, walnut, banana, chocolate chip, coconut pancakes with maple syrup. My tummy quickly responded with a grumble that I interpreted as "thank you." Afterwards I felt satisfied, but not overly full. Though my meal comes in at about 1,650 calories according to fitday, that's nothing compared with Michael Phelps' 4,000 breakfast feast. Maybe I'll start swimming.

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