Friday, August 1, 2008


If you are like me, and want to own a restaurant one day, you must read this story from Eggbeater. If you love a great short kitchen story, check that out as well.

It's stories, writings, blog posts, etc. like that that make me crave the Lacroix kitchen. Last week I was in New York, at Daniel, and was unable to go. I hoped to make it in on Monday instead, yet those plans did not work out, and I am stuck waiting for Saturday to come again.

My weekdays are filled with limp lettuce salads, pasta at both extremes of doneness, and gummy cheesecake brownies from the local diner. Lacroix is an escape from the commonplace cuisine of Corner Bakery, and an entrance into opulence. Tuna Carpaccio is adorned "simply" with olive oil, fleur de sel, chinese barbecue powder, tangerine segments, fingerling potato chips, and chive blossoms, while tender halibut is smothered with a blood red romesco sauce. Pasta with Marinara is unheard of. I often dreamily gaze at the plates going out, thinking of how I might recreate or re-interpret a Lacroix favorite. I snap back to reality as there is a call for an Amuse Bouche, and suddenly a line of aged balsalmic is on the plate, followed by quenelle-shaped tuna tartar and micro basil to garnish.

More important than the food is the atmosphere. I am surrounded by experienced professionals who share the mindset of improving through hard work and dedication. Though occasionally intimidating, working along side these people is more inspirational than daunting. I have learnt more interacting with the workers, than I ever will watching food go out.

I may be fifteen, but I know what I want to do.

Goodnight now, it's 3:00 in the morning and my eyes are closing themselves.


shuna fish lydon said...

Hello Nick,

Welcome to the wonderful and complicated world of cooking and also blogging. And thank you for your link.

Please do consider having my name or the name of my blog as the link, though. If you want to know why I am asking this of you or why it's an important courtesy in the blogosphere, feel free to email me directly (there's a direct email link on eggbeater), as the explanation is too tedious for your comments section.

Best of luck in the kitchen!

Stephen C said...

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