Saturday, October 4, 2008


Damnnn. Look at that! Fresh out of the package.

I know you're jealous.

This is undoubtedly the latest and greatest cookbook to hit the market, and it's stuffed with enough food porn to last you plenty a lonely night. The pictures are amazing, and the philosophy is new and unique, yet understandable and logical.

The only downside? Um, well, considering I don't have an immersion circulator, antigriddle, or a dehydrator, it looks like I won't be cooking out of this book anytime soon. It's ok though. Did I mention the pretty pictures?


CHEF said...

Yeah, I heard this was the Penthouse of the culinary world. What the hell is an "anti-griddle" anyway? Santa has got it on my Christmas list this year,...... along with a dehydrator.

Joseph Bayot said...

Heh I can't wait until mine comes in. Did you order through the Alinea website or through somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

I want to see a "throw-down" between you and Carol Blymire on one of the Alinea projects. You have got access to some pretty good stuff (books, ingredients, and meals at Per Se) for someone that doesn't itemize his tax return. Keep the good stuff coming.
By the way, how much extra credit are you getting in school for having one of the top ten food blogs on the net?

Nick N said...

chef- it is, as its name implies the opposite of a griddle. Rather than heating foods upon contact, it freezes them!

joseph- I got mine for 30 bucks on amazon. A couple cooks at lacroix ordered their through alinea and haven't gotten it yet, cause supposedly it has to go from california (where its published), to alinea, and then to u.

craig- soon as I pick up some sous vide junk, its on! I think part of the reason I have access to all those goodies is because I dont have to worry about buying anything other than food related items. It's a great life. It turns out my english teacher this year has told me that she will be giving me extra credit for my blog, but my writing on the blog has nothing to do with that, and I have no idea how much she is gonna give me. I'm just in it for the love of the sport.