Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Why do I tempt myself so with such beautiful food! Salami, pastrami, prosciutto, mmm. I'm getting more into charcuterie now. Cooking fillet Mignon is boring. Transforming measly, tough brisket into corned beef by brining for a week then simmering is totally radical! In goes brisket, out comes corned beef. Reminds me of my math homework relating to slopes and functions. In goes x, out comes y. In goes x out comes x (fillet Mignon) wouldn't be cool with my math teacher, though I doubt he would turn down a fillet. Look for related posts in the future.

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Joseph Bayot said...

One of my favorite Keller quotes:

"It's easy to cook a filet mignon, or to sauté a piece of trout, serve it with browned butter à la meuniere, and call yourself a chef. But that's not really cooking. That's heating. Preparing tripe, however, is a transcendental act: to take what is normally thrown away and, with skill and knowledge, turn it into something exquisite."

I'd like to think TK had charcuterie in his mind as well.