Sunday, October 26, 2008

Culinary Obsessions

I get food obsessions from time to time. During these time periods, I am consumed (pun intended) with trying all types and variations of something, all the time. Obsessions have included chocolate (which lasted most of my young life), nut butters (which ended after I tried some vegan, unsalted, raw soynut butter), artisan breads (which culminated with my pitiful attempt at a baguette), granola (Trader Joe's pumpkin variety is my fav), and now it is yogurt.

Though their coffee yogurt may be favorite kind (thanks Nana for turning me on to that) I'm branching out from the typical Dannon and trying new varieties. I'm kinda in love with Fage (2% or whole milk, 0% is too sour for me), and I really like the Rachel's exotic yogurts. Skyr, which my local whole foods now carries is pretty good too. On a less sophisticated note, I can't hate on those Yoplait yogurts with the Oreo cookies up top. I recently got Vanana (vanilla and banana if you couldn't figure that one out) from Trader Joe's and it's incredible. What about the pictured sheep's milk yogurt? That's not really my thing (at all).


Anonymous said...

Fage 2% yogurt is great! A lot more convenient than straining your own "regular" yogurt. Try some with a little bit of lime juice, lime zest, and honey on fresh fruit.

Nick N said...

Fage with honey and candied nuts is my personal fav

jcupcakes said...

if you like fage you have to try greek honey yogurt from greek gods

i am obsessed with it... it has the perfect texture

Anonymous said...

You should try coconut milk yogurt. It's divine.