Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top Chef posting

I haven't blogged about Top Chef at all this year, but that's not to say I haven't been watching. By the time Wednesday rolls around I'm anxious in anticipation for each new episode. Last week's challenge was my favorite so far. I was quite jealous when I saw the chefs preparing food from Stone Barns. Then they complained about not being able to go to Whole Foods! Come on!

I really like Leah, and she really likes Hosea. Can't wait to see what goes down this episode. I'm really disappointed with Fabio's recent performance. In the first few episodes he looked so strong. It looked like it was gonna be the Europeans down to the end. I really hope he doesn't leave though. He has got to fulfill his role as the hilarious Italian guy with quick and witty remarks; like the time Jamie had made scallops for two straight challenges, "this is Top Chef, not top Scallop!" -Not sure how he came up with that one.
And how can I forget the new guy, Toby Young. I wonder if he has already informed Obama that he knows where the weapons of mass destruction are located.

I'm extremely excited for this week's episode. Restaurant Wars is the best. I feel like this episode is the real test of the chefs' skills not just in the kitchen. If they can succeed in restaurant wars, they can succeed in the business. Well, that's a stretch. I just hope no one does diner food this year.


Unknown said...

No way! Jamie all the way. ;)

Rémy Robert said...

I'm placing my bets on Jamie and Stefan. I share your opinion re: Fabio. I think he's gone down in talent as the season as progressed... which is not to say I'm not still enamored. I live in New Orleans and camped outside of Commander's Palace restaurant, where they filmed the finale, and I actually caught a glimpse of Fabio himself (spoiler alert?!) as well as Padma, Gail, Toby, and Rocco DiSpirito... excitement.