Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Round part 1

1 potato versus 8 broccoli
I love broccoli, and I feel great eating it cause it's so goshdarn healthy, but potato is too versatile. Anything that can be latkes, french fries, and mashed at the same time deserves to win.

11 sweet potato versus 4 strawberry
I just prefer sweet potatoes gosh darn it, especially when roasted under a chicken so they glaze in chicken fat and juices mmm.

3 apple versus 12 avocado
I absolutely love avocados. I always say I could eat them like an apple, and I can, but unfortunately, I can't eat them like apple pie. Apple wins.

10 mango versus 15 shitake
My sweet tooth gets the better of me here. Mango wins.

On to the carb region

1 pizza versus 8 lasagna
Pizza really is everything that lasagna is, except pizza's toppings are limitless and you can buy it on every street corner. Pizza is the victor.

11 cornbread versus 4 waffles
Ah this one went down to the wire. Cornbread only comes around once a year, and can be made with bacon fat, but waffles are the ultimate sunday morning food. Leggo my eggo. Waffles win.

3 pancakes versus 5 bagels
Bagles get cream cheese, but pancakes get maple syrup and butter, and fluffiness. Pancakes take this one.

7 muffins versus 2 mac and cheese
Mac wins. If the creamy, cheesy, heart-warming deliciousness isn't enough. Try it fried. You'll understand.


e said...

Wow fried mac n' cheese?! That sounds amazing! How do you make it??? :)

cd0103 said...

Cornbread only comes around once a year? Oh honey, you need to come visit Texas

Anonymous said...

Mango has gotten through this far on the affections of a confused young man.

Jumper said...

Yet if anyone could create the world's first avocado pie, it would be you.