Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Further Eggsperimentation

It's often the things that are the most pedestrian that impress me the most. Running water amazes me. How they get water from the Delaware river to my house to come out in a thick stream with a turn of a faucet, is beyond me. On a more food related note, eggs astound me. Maybe I talk too much about eggs on this blog, but they never cease to amaze me. They're so innocent, so nonchalant in their shells, almost as if they wish to hide the powers lurking within. Previously if someone asked me my favorite food, I would respond with foie gras, partly because I love it, but also partly to show off. My love for foie gras hasn't diminished, but my need to show off my food knowledge has passed. With its subtle, pedestrian charm, and extreme versatility, the egg has claimed its rightful spot as my favorite food.

When I told my mom to "surprise me" on a recent trip to Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, I had no idea she would return with something straight outta Jurassic Park. When I ask to be surprised, I rarely am. I can usually expect some stinky cheese or an interesting vegetable, which are always great, but no, this time she brought home an emu egg, and totally blew my socks off!

I kinda hacked at it with a knife to make a big crack, then cracked it into a large bowl. I whisked it up real good, then ladled some into a pan and scrambled it in individual portions. The yolk seems humongous compared to the white, but maybe that's just me. I put it on toast, then took a massive bite, hoping to squeeze as much emu egg flavor into my mouth as possible. To be honest, I didn't love it, but maybe it's just takes some getting used to. That's not to say it was bad, the egg seemed much creamier and smoother in a sense, than a scrambled chicken egg. The rich, distinguishable flavor of a chicken egg however, just wasn't there. It was blander, and not real "in your face." I am very content with it though, and I better be. There's plenty left over.


Chris (Topher) said...

An egg like that would last me days!

c3 said...

Wow. Love the pictures -- they really give a great idea of how different an emu egg is.

I wonder how the emu egg would work in baking. Bland may be an advantage in a meringue, for instance. Or maybe homemade marshmallow. And a caramel custard from emu might show off the carmel flavor more powerfully?

Of course, I'm also curious if the emu egg would have enough of usual chicken egg properties to even do some of those things!

James said...

You didn't go for the boiled egg then?

Unknown said...

Um, Nick, you forgot to give the Fair Food Farmstand a shout out!! Also, you're supposed to poke holes in either end and gently blow out the yolk - then you can save the egg shell for etchings: http://www.emuszine.com/Egg%20Contest%20Archives/carved_etched_sculpted_emu_eggs_2002.htm

Nick N said...

c3 that would be an interesting topic to explore

sorry colleen, next time!

Miriam said...

Wow! this is an awesome blog!
I am glad to know there is another young foodie out there!! :-)
(I started Culinary school at age 14.... I'm currently 17)

Anonymous said...

first of all i wanted to say hello. i love that you are so young and are not only interested in, but appreciative of food. so cool. but, my favorite thing about you is you're from the philly 'burbs... just like me. born and raised (now living in brooklyn, ny). i may be impartial, but i would say that the best cooks come from the philly burbs!

keep up the great work. oh and if you're interested, i just read a thread in chowhound about emu eggs: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/494913

maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
Im a foodie ,too, and i like too cook. Im 10 years old and live in the Philly 'burbs. Alton Brown and Thomas Keller rock. Methinks (vocab word) there is a (Emu) Egg NickMuffin soon. That's what I call a sandwich, although these are nice soon: http://www.bouchonbakery.com/showSelections.php?id=23

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think the egg is the single best ingredient.

Crafty Lady said...

Nick, you aren't the only one with a healthy love for eggs, check out this article http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/30007/ to read about Wylie Dufresne's love affair with the egg! He even chose eggs benedict for his "last meal" on Top Chef!