Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summery Meal

This right here is the food that I really like to eat. It's healthy, it's local, it's fresh. Eating like this gives me a lot of personal satisfaction, and I feel great afterwards.

It's grilled asparagus from a nearby farm, incredible, extra sharp-chevre from another nearby farm specializing in goat's milk products, basil and chives from my backyard, walnuts, and a few squeezes of lemon juice.
And it really needs nothing else.


Kyle Albert said...

I wish I liked walnuts, they get used a lot in recipes.

Ryan said...

walnuts are good, but hickory nuts are the best

Geoff Egan said...

If you decide not to pursue the cookery thing after high school, you might consider studying to be a cardiologist. Because boy do you get it! Looks so tasty, is so healthy.

Shannon said...

Ahh, that looks amazing. Its like all my favorite things rolled up into one: lemon, goat cheese, walnuts, herbs! I might just have to make this minus the whole everything fresh thing, since its not really an option where I live.