Friday, September 12, 2008

Banana Bread

By George!! I believe I've stumbled across some time where I'm not either in school, at cross country practice, or doing homework. That's not to say I shouldn't be doing homework, but nonetheless, I'm here with you.
Oh and by the way, check out this awesome, new way my English teacher showed me to start a story and grab the reader's attention.

Twas a dark and stormy night, and I was craving some cooking. My stomach grumbled slightly and my pregnant woman-esque cravings began to creep up on me. Chocolate was my calling, yet plain chocolate would not do it for me. I searched the kitchen for vehicles for my semisweet chocolate chips.
A wonderful cucumber from my garden caught my eye first, yet chocolate and vegetables are for the guilty chocoholics. I had no guilt. I was willing to splurge (as always) and allow my teenage metabolism to do its thang.I found waffles in the freezer, but choco-chip waffles? Too boring, too easy. I was on the hunt, and I needed a challenge. Forget the turkey, I want a game bird!
Something mushy, and black, no, yellow, caught my peripheral vision. My mom's not knowing that you can break bananas off from the bundle (and consequently getting too many) had left me with the perfect vehicle for my chocolate; old mushy bananas! I was gonna make chocolate chip banana bread!!!!!!

I quickly found a recipe and combined all my ingredients (you know, the basics, baking powder, eggs, flour etc.) eating half the batter as I went along. The remaining batter I poured into a loaf pan, and baked at 350 until done.

My inner pregnant woman was sated :)

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CHEF said...

Nice job on the banana bread. What is your favorite cook book to use? The formulas, and especially the baking formulas, in "The Joy of Cooking" are awesome. I've been cooking with it for the past 20 years, and it hasn't let me down once. I actually have 5 different editions, because some of the earlier books have oddities that you can't find today. Kind of like a history of cooking lesson. Possum, squirrel, canning and pickling food items. Then, some of the newer versions have some formulas regarding sushi, sous vide, and more recent, updated procedures. If you don't have a copy......get one.