Friday, September 26, 2008


Huh? What? PB&B? Peanut butter and butter? Ewww.

I just replayed the conversation you had with yourself in your head while reading the title of this post. Maybe you didn't know I was psychic. We'll save that for another post, oh and, the B isn't butter.

I feel like I talk about my school lunches quite frequently on this blog, but I think it's pretty interesting, when I'm bringing in things like PB&B, instead of PB&J for lunch. So what is the B in PB&B? You're probably annoyed at me for not telling you already. I'll tell you after this picture.

The B, is balsamic reduction.

Huh? What? Balsamic on peanut butter? (told you I'm psychic). Yes, I did say balsamic on peanut butter. What makes me think it would be good? Well I was thinking what I could substitute for the average grape jelly, so I thought grapes and sweet, which led me to some balsamic reduction I had sitting in my fridge.

And so I tried it.
Seriously, I would love to tell you all that this was one incredible sandwich, that I've made it every day since then, and that these are better than sliced bread, since they are in fact, sliced bread and then some. Not everything however, turns out the way you want, and this was a prime example. I could barely taste the balsamic. The peanut flavor was overwhelming. Overall, it was fine, nothing to write home about, but definitely something to blog about.


Bel Air said...

I thought the "B" would be bacon which is also good on a PB sandwich. Or anything for that matter...

Nick N said...

That's next on my list of "things to try with peanut butter"

GDM ReStore said...

Just started reading your blog. This is an amazing idea.

The Empress said...

My current combination is: hot buttered toast (wholewheat), slathered in butter, with some marmite generously smoother over the top, finally topped off with a lashing of runny honey.

Although Marmite is a very English thing. Vegemite simply isn't as good.

Love the blog!