Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pop Tarts

I'm kind of in love with pop-tarts. Ewww, no, gross, not that kind. Who do you think I am? My true lovers are the ones below. Feast your eyes.
Pim gave me the idea for these, and I used the Eggbeater, all-butter pie dough recipe for my crust. I filled mine with nutella or apple butter, but the range for fillings is unlimited, as you can see from the Kellog's Pop-Tart picture.I brought these into school for a snack, and by the end of first period, I had promised the majority of my history class one of their own (with demand outsourcing supply, I quickly promised free meals in my future restaurant and lots of hugs and kisses to the girls that wouldn't get one)Make these for your kids, and see why I'm about to add one more item to the list of things my sister will eat.

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Sarah Goodman said...

I had a pop tart they are super good!