Thursday, September 18, 2008

Woooo! Pizza Party

Ever aspire to be like Bruno or Tony at the local pizzeria? Well now you can!!! Read on, this is no annoying infomercial.

Pizza. Five year old's fantasy and the aficionado's affection. But both at the same time? I'm here to tell you, it can be done.

I was perusing the massive recipe index on 101 Cookbooks, as I frequently do, when "Best Pizza Dough Ever Recipe" caught my eye. Now when someone titles a post as such, you don't walk away from that opportunity without further inspection. It was still the summer when this happened, and what better opportunity to make pizza than a nice summer day. Margarita Pizza is summer food, with summer ingredients. I was going to make this pizza, and once I set my mind, I wasn't going back.

Honestly, after making them, these pizzas are incredible, loved by seven year old and senior alike. The crust makes the pizza, as was told to me by many a consumer. Topped simply with mozzarella, fine sea salt, a few squirts of olive oil, and basil, this pizza can't be beat for a summertime treat. Please wait outside my door if you want some more. Gaze at birds while you wait for thirds. I was taught by Emily Dickinson herself, seriously.

Look at that sticky glob of flour, water, olive oil and yeast.

Taking up the top shelf- the mother's worst nightmare.

Post proofing overnight in the fridge, these babies are ready to go.

Pshhhh. Of course I had to pick up the legendary San Marzano tomatoes.

Making the extremely easy tomato sauce.

Look at that well organized mise en place.

Handmade Vermont mozz on top of the dough.

For all you Rachel Ray fans, "YUM-O!!!" This pizza is simply topped with tomato sauce, mozz, salt, olive oil, and beautiful basil chiffonade from my garden,

Oh boy, look at this one with ham and a difficult to see fried egg on top.

Not me, that's my buddy. Best part of this pizza is, the recipe makes 6 pizzas, so whatever you don't use you throw in the freezer until you wanna use it. Slightly tired of the conventional microwave pizzas, my friend and I decided to defrost some dough during a sleepover. Look at that beauty, topped with feta, and some Kalamatas. Foodie at Fifteen, ousting Tombstone one pizza at a time (not really, but trying).


CHEF said...

I can't believe you said, "Yum-O." Nice looking pizzas nick.

the erratic epicurean said...

i came across your blog through michael ruhlman's blog and i love it. and i use the very same tomato sauce recipe!!

Nick N said...

thanks chef

I wouldn't use any other sauce!