Saturday, September 19, 2009

Library Auction Dinner

Every year my local library hold a fundraiser with a dinner and a silent auction. This year I agreed to allow a dinner cooked by me to be one of the auction items.

The fundraiser was held last week, and tomorrow I'm going to visit with and talk with the people for whom I'm cooking. I plan to discuss preferences, allergies etc, so that I can make their meal a pretty personal experience.

I plan on cooking four or five courses, and the food will be high end. This I'm sure, will prove to be an exciting challenge. I will update you on the menu as soon as I formulate it. I hope to use you, the readers, to help me with the process, if you would be so willing.


James said...

Sounds good. Doesn't everyone dream of winning a chef for the evening.

Arm70 said...

That is GREAT Nick!

Tags said...

Maybe Shola Olunloyo would be interested in franchising his Studio Kitchen concept. I can't think of a better early adopter than you, Nick.

Jumper said...

Cool! How much did you go for at the auction?

I got some pink salt, and now I'm curing a rack of pork ribs as if they were bacon... I guess I will smoke them Tuesday or so.