Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top Chef

Yea I know I'm a little late but regarding Top Chef on Wednesday, come on Bravo, I'm getting kinda bored. Let's get down to business. It's time to get rid of Ron, and the red-headed woman who was in the bottom 3 last episode. They really should've just trashed the whole bottom three cause I'm just getting sick of watching them each round. There's only about 5 people who can really cook and they are Jen, the two bros and the two chubby Jewish guys.

Mike, the one with the spiky hair, is basically the kid at school who thinks he's so cool and tries so desperately to hang out with the popular kids, and he almost succeeds, until they realize that he stinks at football. He really thinks hes part of the top crew, but from what I've seen, hes really not.

So alright Bravo. Let's get it down to the bottom five. Maybe cut two people in one episode like you did two weeks ago? Like seriously, why is Ron still here? I mean he seems like a cool dude and all, but come on now. And if you're gonna keep him around at least put up some closed caption when he talks. The talent this season is really concentrated in the top 5 and until it gets down, it won't be as interesting.
End Rant. It's 12:30, goodnight.

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