Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Lunch Today

The school day is so much better when I have an awesome lunch to look forward to. The extent of my suffering in math class is significantly reduced when I can drift off into dreams of the delicious delicacies awaiting me in my backpack.

This in mind, last night cut off a slice of fat from my pancetta, rendered that down with some chorizo (which I've been eating at practically every meal), removed the fat and the chorizo, then took some meat that I had pulled from a sous vide chicken leg and seared it in the hot fat. I took some red pepper pesto (pesto minus the basil, some call that identity theft, I call it delicious), smeared it on a tortilla, then topped it with the chicken and sausage. And even though the red pepper pesto was made with roasted jalapenos, I had to squirt some sriracha on top just to add a little fun for my tongue.

I nearly forgot I was in class.


wholeconcept said...

you've inspired me to make some "red pepper pesto".

michael, claudia and sierra said...

in a way it's sad because you probably would have been the guy who found a cure for cancer - but instead you're just going to be an iron chef.

sriracha on that? there are these little peperoncinos that come in olive oil...