Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Ryan said...

awesome! the last time i bought frmo the school cafeteria was 3rd grade, but then again im only in 6th grade

Geoff Egan said...

You sounded great-very articulate and intelligent.

Maybe a bit too much so-I hate to say it, but you might have to dumb yourself down a bit to reach a larger audience.

Like your first (or second) column yesterday-most teens are not going to go out and acquire new ingredients (nor will most parents)(ALAS).

Seriously-you wrote a superb cookie recipe, and a bit of context--and the editors just printed the cookie, and omitted everything you wanted to say about it?

I know you want to reach your peers, and make a difference, but that is just utterly unacceptable. My view would be-no, they don't get to play off your talents and (growing) reputation at their leisure--the paper has to publish everything you submit, or at least let you know (talk over with you) everything they want to exclude. Cause you write total packages.

If they want simple recipes, they can get them off of raisin or chocolate chip packages in the supermarket.

They don't want to do this? Tell them hey, then go and fill your pages with all of your other student columnists who've been favourably reviewed in The Guardian, and a host of other American and UK papers. Doubtless they have a whole honking number of those, right?

No? Oh they want you to write for them (without payment I bet) so they can mention how they have such an esteemed student columnist in the next PTA bulletin, or include it in their next report to the board.

Don't sell yourself cheaply Nick-trust me, right now, they need you more than you need them! You've got an interntional reputation (seriously worked for, and earned) which is more than their high school paper has. Bear this in mind. . .

But don't strut round being an a==hole either OK? It's a thin line, but I have no doubt it will be one you'll be able to navigate. Because you are already a class act, as some others have pointed out.