Friday, February 15, 2008

Cooking for the guys

Last night all the guys came over and slept at my house, not because I have a great sleepover house, a plasma tv or an XBOX 360 (I have none of the three) but rather because they knew that they would be eating well the next morning. I was determined to make it the best experience possible.

The term "morning" was taken very literally, as I was asked for food at 1:15, and responded by whipping up this cheddar omelet.

For breakfast, me being the generous kid that I am, I woke up early and made crepes for my friends. I gave them an array of jams and jellies and fruit butters to choose from, however white chocolate was the popular choice. I melted it in a double boiler and filled the crepes with it, then sprinkled confectioners sugar on top. I meant to take pictures, but they disappeared too quickly :)

Next I made scrambled eggs with a lil sharp cheddar.

My friends ended up staying for lunch and I was persuaded into making tuna melts, turkey melts, and grilled cheese, (steak au poivre would not be too popular amongst my friends). They finished the meal with some chocolate chip cookies. I then made some fried egg sandwiches for them to take to their parents cause u know, you gotta score some brownie points with the parents (not sure how many made it all the way to the parents). Either way, my friends left with little sleep, yet happy stomachs.

When people ask me if I've catered, the usual response is no, catering to my friends however, is a common activity of mine.

The Fried Egg Sandwich; packaged while still warm and shipped to homes all across the country.


Amanda said...

How generous of you--to cook for your friends, and remember their parents. And I'm sure they all appreciated your efforts.

Alas, my days of eating chocolate crepes for breakfast are over.

It all sounds delicious.

ChefCouture said...

Can I have a fried egg sandwich? It sounds yummy... and how did you know that crepes are one of my favorite things....