Sunday, February 10, 2008

Countdown to Per Se: 40 days!

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you already know this, but Thomas Keller is THE MAN. I could tell you why in a 5 page essay, but I already have one of those due for English tomorrow, and saying he's THE MAN sums it up just as well. Thomas Keller is pretty much what most cooks aspire to be. He is without question the best chef in America, and owns the best restaurant in America; The French Laundry. Per Se, the Laundry's cousin is just a Chinatown bus (and half a year's allowance) away, from my home in the Phili suburbs. So, it being so close, and me being so eager to go, I've already been there.

Though you can read this on about every New York Dining blog, it's amazing. 20 perfect courses, served with such an astute attention to detail, and such friendly service, that the $275 price tag is easily justified. After going there, I decided my next meal in New York would be Le Bernardin. So I saved up, and finally got there Thanksgiving weekend. Le Bernardin is one of the reasons that I hope I never have to eat grocery store seafood again. The food was on par with Per Se, however the detail, and phenomenal service were not as apparent (after I ordered, my waitress huddled with a few others, then pointed at me and said "the kid's ordering the tasting menu). After that I decided that Per Se was the place to go. I could eat at other four star "kingdoms" such as Jean Georges, almost twice for what it would cost me to go to Per Se, but right now at least, Per Se is the place that I know I have to go.

And so after going on that tangent, about 3 weeks ago, I realized that enough money had accumulated in my piggy bank for me to go again. And of course you have to call two months in advance, so I looked exactly 2 months and 1 day in advance and I was in luck. It was Spring Break, I had my mom call the next day at 10 in the morning and make the reservation. We got it. I'm going. Hence began the endless scouring of the internet in search of pictures, reviews, anything I could dig up. And so while 40 days may not seem important for you, I am 20 days closer than I once was, and for a kid who's idol is Thomas Keller, that is pretty exciting.
Alright, I better go work on my english essay.

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Anonymous said...

I love your passion for 52. I had a restaurant that I adored like that in London - The Capitol Hotel. Every bite was heaven, never disappointed by the taste or texture and the French Maitre d was brilliant! I never comment usually but your posts and passion and absolute honesty make me giggle with delight.